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SL Division District Category Name Contact Number Organization Address
81 Khulna Jhenaidah Architect Md. Masud 1738822273 H.S.S.H Sorok, Sadar, Jhenaidah
82 Khulna Jhenaidah Architect Ar. Md. Imamual Haque 1750058339 H.S.S.H Sorok , Opposite Of Pourasova, Jhenaidah
83 Khulna Jhenaidah Architect Md. Faysal 1911624495 H.S.S.H Sorok, Sadar, Jhenaidah
84 Khulna Jhenaidah Civil Engineer Engr. Delip Kumar 1733031746 H.S.S.H Sorok , Sadar, Jhenaidah
85 Khulna Jhenaidah Civil Engineer Engr. Kaji Md.Mohasin 1724592070 H.S.S.H Sorok , Sadar, Jhenaidah
86 Khulna Jhenaidah Civil Engineer Engr. Akthar Faruk Mintu 1711736283 Arafpur, Sadar, Jhenaidah
87 Khulna Jhenaidah Civil Engineer Engr. Prodip Kumar Banargee 1716538413 Kaligong, Jhenaidah
88 Khulna Khulna Architect Md. Kamruzzaman 1710318470 Sonadanga 1St Fage, Road No -13, Khulna
89 Khulna Khulna Architect Md. Munim 1714673087 190/9 Sonadanga 1st face,Sonadanga,Khulna
90 Khulna Khulna Architect Md. Ruhul Amin 1718608028 Gollamari,Khulna